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Flash Flood Safety

Wait out flash floods

Most storms in Southern Nevada only last a couple hours. If it’s raining and/or flash floods have been reported, stay inside. Don’t drive.

Stop for flooded streets

If you come upon a flooded street, stop immediately and gather your thoughts. Think so you will live. Plan an alternate route.

Avoid flooded streets

If you have to go somewhere, drive safe and actively avoid flooded areas. Check our FloodSpot App, Twitter, Instagram and our Facebook news feeds. But remember, don’t use your mobile phone while driving.

Never enter flooded streets

Always turn away from flooded streets. It only takes 12 inches of water to wash your car, truck or SUV off the road. Your life is at stake here. Turn around.

Protect others

If you see flood waters approaching you on the road you’re already driving on, slow down and exit the road safely, as soon as you possibly can. Once you’re safe, pull over and notify others of the flooded street with our FloodSpot App.


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