Flood Insurance

Did you know?

Flash flood season is July through September, but floods can happen any time during the year without warning.

Typical homeowner’s insurance policies do NOT cover flooding damage to your home and belongings. Just a few inches of water from a flood can cause tens of thousands of dollars in damage.

For a single-family home up to $250,000 coverage for the structure and up to $100,000 coverage for the contents is available. Policies covering damages to personal property are available to renters as well as homeowners.

Flood insurance is available to everyone, regardless of whether you live in a flood zone or not. Even if your home is not located in a flood zone, severe flooding can still occur in your area.

Find an Agent

Flood insurance protects your home. But, before you protect your home, you’ll need to find an agent who lives near it. You can call the National Flood Insurance Program Referral Call Center to request an agent referral: (888) 379-9531. Or visit FEMA’s website for more information on flood insurance.